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Instruction model kits

Instruction for resin - model kits of Alsacast

Instruction for resin - model kits

The kits consist of AlsaCast resin molded parts
  • Free the components from the moulding. Where the moulding is too thick to be snapped free, sand the  reverse with 80 or 100 grain sandpaper. 

 • The parts are soft, if the components allows for a few minutes in boiling water.
  •This way you can edit the parts easily with a scalpel.. 
 •You can also easily remove the parts of the blocks this way.

 • Warped parts are concerned, you need the parts for about 30 seconds to put in boiling water. Then you can straighten the parts after 30 seconds.

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• Concerning the glue, You should use superglue. It should be no gel.

• Do you always use a good brush.
• You should clean the brush after use with turpentine and soap. 

    Painting step I

    • Do you always use matte paint.
    • You will need to thin the paint by the use of white spirit. 
    • It may be that the paint does not immediately cover well.
       In that case, it is better to approximately 2 to 3 times thin to paint over it.

    • You should always paint the large areas.

       Let cure for at least 24 hours.


        Painting step II


          Painting step III


          Painting step IV 

       • You can age the model or give effect to the drybrush technique. 

         • You can make use of the pigment powders Alsacast.

We wish you lots of fun with your hobby.

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